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Vintage Picnics Redlands

The Redland Bay area provides stunning local parks and waterside locations for your next picnic adventure. View our packages above or contact Sarah for more information on how we can create your perfect picnic experience. 

Treat your family to a gourmet vintage p

Welcome to Vintage Picnics Redlands!

Hello, I'm Sarah, and I've dedicated 23 years to the travel industry. Throughout my career, I've had the wonderful opportunity to coordinate and host numerous events. Aside from my love for travel, event planning has always been a passion of mine. I thoroughly enjoy organising events both at my own place and for others, as it brings me joy to see my guests having a fantastic time.

Recently, I began contemplating whether I could transform my hobby into a fulfilling career. The thought of managing my own business and sharing my passion with customers intrigued me. That's when Vintage Picnics caught my attention. In a world dominated by modernity, there are still passionate souls who appreciate the simplicity and charm of yesteryears.


What's more, I'm incredibly fortunate to have the unwavering support of my husband in this pursuit. Ben shares my enthusiasm for Vintage Picnics and has expressed a deep interest in joining me on this new venture. With his support and partnership, we make a dedicated team, eager to bring our expertise and passion to create truly memorable events for your special occasions in the beautiful Redlands.


Today, I am thrilled to announce that as the managing partner of Vintage Picnics Redlands, together with my husband Ben, we are poised to transform your special occasions into unforgettable experiences. We cannot wait to collaborate with you and make your event truly remarkable.

Kind regards, Sarah

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