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Are you ready to start your Vintage Picnic side hustle business and earn up to $5,000 per month? We're looking for new business partners across Australia to join our growing team!


Community of like-minded business owners

Guaranteed bookings within the first 3 months

Flexibility to work your own hours

Freedom to style your own way


Ready to go online booking platform

Flexibility to grow your business as big as you like

Your products listed with popular booking sites like Red Balloon and Urban Swan

Support creating local menus and optional add ons to set your business apart



My name is Georgia Kearney

And I am the proud owner of the Vintage Picnic Company. In 2015, when my first baby was 9 months old, I naturally went back to my corporate job. But, it didn't take me long to realise that everything had changed. My passion for the job had faded, the long days and stress were causing me to have emotional breakdowns and the time away from my baby simply wasn't worth it. However, I was equally struggling as a stay at home mum and not earning my own money was a foreign and unsettling feeling. 

I needed to find a way to keep busy, spend quality time with my baby and earn a little bit of money to feel like I was contributing financially to our growing family. And so the Vintage Picnic Company was born along with a completely new service for the Australian events industry. 

I started out with no prior knowledge of the events industry and simply created a service that I myself would've enjoyed. Over the years, the picnic industry boomed with similar companies popping up. And despite the challenges this decade has thrown at us as a nation, our little business has thrived. We've continued to innovate setting the benchmark for others and now we want to share our success throughout Australia. 

I am so excited to meet you and discuss how you too can achieve your financial freedom, independence and talk about how you can live the life you deserve. 


Who can become a Vintage Picnic Business Partner?

We're looking for anyone who is self motivated, wants to work their own hours and especially those who crave a better work-life balance!

What do I need to get started?

Car and valid drivers licence

Public liability insurance

Computer, phone and data plan

Picnic equipment - see FAQ for full list of suggested items

Valid permits/ licenses 
(if required)

ABN Registered for GST


We're here to help you every step of the way

We appreciate how challenging and daunting starting your own business can be. And that is why we will be on hand to support you as you get your Vintage Picnic business up and running. To get you started, here's just a few things that you will receive when you join our picnic family.  

Become a key member of Australia's most popular Picnic Brand

The Vintage Picnic Company is a well loved, well established and highly supported brand in South East Queensland. With an existing Australia wide following, your clients will be thrilled that they can now book a Vintage Picnic in their own local backyard!

Ready to go booking platform listed with your unique products

When it comes to Google listings, it doesn't get much better than page one. We leverage our existing website, linking your individual booking page to ensure no matter where you're located, clients will find you first. And you're in control of your own bookings so you can take on as much work as you can manage.

Full support setting up your social media and marketing strategy

Social media and word of mouth is how we turned this side-hustle into a full time overachieving business. We will help you get started with your own social media accounts and provide you with the same strategy that we used to grow and get new clients.

Simple how to set up videos with hints and tips

The best thing about a being a business partner is that you have the freedom to style your picnics your own way. However, to get you started and inspired, you will receive some helpful how to videos showing how we style our picnics. Along with hints and tips to ensure you provide your clients with an experience they won't forget. 

Popular picnic menu's and support finding local suppliers

One of the things that sets the Vintage Picnic Company apart is the quality of the food we serve. We will help you find local caterers and suppliers, working together to create a first class picnic menu. And have I mentioned that we offer cocktails to enhance the picnic experience?

Access to a supportive community of like-minded picnic superstars

We are the very first picnic company to go Australia wide! As we grow, so too does our community. Sharing great idea's and supporting each other is what helps all of us achieve the lives we deserve. Not to mention the financial boost to achieve our personal goals.

"There's already other picnic businesses in my area. How will I be able to compete?"

I used to stress about this too and it's completely normal. But what I've learnt over the past 5 years is that we have an incredibly great product and everything we do is first class. Competition is healthy and it shows the world that there is a market for our products and services. Embrace the competition and together we will make sure your product stands above the rest!


Join our Vintage Picnic family in 5 easy steps


Book your free 30 minute call

with business owner Georgia

Simply fill in the short form to arrange a suitable time for your obligation free call with Georgia. 


Chat on a phone or video call to discuss your business goals

This is a super relaxed chat aimed to understand a little more about your situation and provide you with more information to help you decide whether our family is right for you.


Complete your onboarding paperwork

Once you've completed your paperwork and have the picnic products to get started, we can create your unique booking page and work with you to create your picnic packages.


Launch the business you've always dreamed of

All you need to get started is a few picnic props, an ABN, business insurance, and we provide you with everything else including help to source local catering suppliers etc.


Enjoy the freedom, lifestyle and

flexibility you deserve

Start working part time and earning a full time salary. Choose the hours you work and take back control of your work-life balance. 


Receive these exclusive bonuses worth over $1,500 when you join

Branding kit valued at $620

  • Vintage Picnic T-shirts x2

  • Vintage Picnic sandwich board sign

  • Vintage Picnic stickers for catering boxes

  • Vintage Picnic car sticker

Your very own Vintage Picnic starter kit valued at $600

  • 10x our proprietary picnic blankets handmade with 100% recycled wool in the UK

  • Inventory list of suggested items you will need to create your very first picnic

Access to digital scripts, videos, hints and tips valued at over $300

  • Suggested picnic menus and how to source reliable local catering providers

  • Communication scripts to help reply to common picnic enquiries

  • Access to how to videos sharing tips on how to select the perfect picnic location, style your picnics and even how to map the location of the sun!

Joining our Vintage Picnic family is easy with a low start up fee of just $999

All prices are in AU$

Our Vintage Picnic family members earn between $1,500 - $5,000 per month taking on average less than a month to pay back their initial investment and start earning a healthy living creating unforgettable memories for couples, families, friends and businesses. Payment plan available to assist with start up costs if required.

What Our Clients Say

"A very special 20th wedding anniversary celebration made even more special with our beautiful picnic set-up. The perfect location, the perfect food, the perfect picnic. Georgia, thank you so very much for making our special day so perfect. Every single detail was thoughtfully included and it was so simple to organise with just one phone call. Just PERFECT!"
  • How much can I expect to earn?
    It's important to say that the Vintage Picnic Company makes no guarantee of income or results as these are entirely dependent on each business partner's individual commitment, style and ability to deliver the picnic service in their local area. However, it's perfectly acceptable to expect you will be creating a minimum of 2x 2 person picnics each week at a total of over $500 per week. And the best thing is that this is 100% profit (less administrative costs) as this business model doesn't have any overheads! If you choose to offer catering with your picnic packages (and we recommend you do), then you have the option to mark up food and drinks to further enhance your picnic offer and earn more money.
  • What equipment will I need to get started?
    We always recommend starting small and building your business slowly. It keeps everything manageable and ensures you confidently deliver first class services every time. In saying that, there are a few basics you will need to get you going! We will provide you with the blankets, our signature style, but here are a few other items you might consider. - Wicker picnic basket - these can be sourced almost anywhere, even your local op shop. But they are a must have and a signature item in all of our picnics. - Small table suitable for at least two people. We get our little tables from IKEA, but you can also make one or buy one as there are several online providers across the country. - Cushions and/or bean bags. We like to use bean bags for all of our 2 person picnics and cushions for larger groups, but this is completely up to you! - Crockery, cutlery, linen napkins and glassware. These can be sourced almost anywhere, but we typically get our plates, glassware and cutlery from Kmart as they are always in stock and easy to replace. We go high end for our napkins and get them from Pottery Barn, but you're welcome to get yours from wherever you feel is best. - Side table. These are great to add a new height dimension to your picnic. They aren't a must have, but we think they look great! - Chalkboard sign. Again, this isn't a must have, but giving people the option to write a personalised message is a nice touch that certainly sets us apart from other businesses. - Bluetooth Speaker. Another optional extra that we include with all of our picnics that helps to improve the client experience and also sets us apart from other picnic businesses. - Hand sanitiser. We like to include a small bottle in the picnic basket at each of our picnics, because who doesn't want clean hands before they eat? - Candles/lanterns. One of the most popular times of day for a romantic picnic is sunset and this means your clients will eventually need some kind of lighting. We use a mix of real and battery operated candles and lanterns, but you're welcome to do what works for your style. - Fresh flowers/greenery. This is an absolute must. Although you might be tempted to use dried floral arrangements, don't! Our clients regularly comment on how much they appreciate the real flowers and greenery that we use. However, it doesn't need to break the bank. Just over a year ago we switched from using fresh floral arrangements to green potted plants. They look beautiful, are fairly low maintenance and have saved us (this kills me to write) over $5,000 per year in flowers!
  • Do I need to have my own insurance and licences?
    The short answer is yes. You will absolutely need to have public liability insurance, which should cost approximately $50 per month. In regards to licences, this may vary by state and region. Here in Brisbane we have a great relationship with the council and we aren't required to have a licence to set up a picnic in a public space. We equally aren't required to book spaces which is great. It's best to enquire with your local council if you're concerned or do what we did and ask for forgiveness rather than permission if questioned! Initially, the picnics you will be doing aren't likely to be large and therefore shouldn't attract any unwanted attention. We find that locals are excited and enthusiastic to see our picnic services offered in their local areas.
  • Has COVID affected business partners ability to be successful?
    Not at all! The start of this decade has thrown every possible natural and financial disaster our way and we've continued to see our business grow and thrive. The key is this... We offer a first class product and it is priced accordingly. It is also a well known fact that people still have special occasions to celebrate, they're still looking for new, interesting and unique ways to have those celebrations, and finally, people who have money will always have money! With very minimal overhead's you can be confident that almost every picnic you do will be putting majority of the profits back into your pocket! So if you find yourself in a quiet patch, even if you only do 2x 2 person picnics in a month, you will still come out in front!
  • Can I run my business with a friend?
    Absolutely! Many of our business partners are two friends or family members who team up to share the costs, workload and profits. So you may wish to jointly start your business or have the business in one name and have your own private contract agreeing how the business will be run.
  • Do I need to have an ABN?
    Yes, if you don't already have an ABN you will need to register as a sole trader (most common business for small businesses). This is a fairly simple process and we can help you with this if you need.
  • Do I need to register for GST?
    Most small businesses don't need to registered for GST until they're earning over $75,000. However, if you wish to register for GST before you reach this figure, you can. We recommend seeking financial advice from an accountant before making any decisions regarding the set up of your business.
  • Will I be able to claim any tax benefits?
    Absolutely! The best part about running your own business are the numerous tax benefits. Below are several for you to consider and discuss with your accountant. But, note that your business must be turning over a minimum of $20,000 per year before you can claim most of these benefits. (That's just over 1 picnic per week) - A percentage of your rent or mortgage repayments as your business is run from home, your equipment is stored at your home, you do your admin from home and all of your picnic prep and clean up is also done at your home - White goods if you need to buy them including fridge, dishwasher, washing machine - Computer or laptop if you need to buy one - A percentage of household bills - Cleaning products such as dishwasher tablets and washing machine power etc. - Pot plants and/or flowers - All of the equipment you purchase for your picnics - Mileage and a portion of your car running costs PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE EXAMPLES ONLY AND WILL BE DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE. PLEASE SPEAK TO YOUR ACCOUNTANT BEFORE SUBMITTING A TAX RETURN FOR YOUR BUSINESS.
  • Can I provide my own picnic food or do I need to use a caterer?
    The answer to this question will certainly vary by location. In many cases, you should be able to get a Food Business Registration that allows you to prep simple, low risk foods from your home kitchen. These licences cost approximately $500 and will require someone coming to inspect your kitchen. You will also be required to explain the types of food you will be preparing. If you wish to go down this route, then we will do our best to support you. You're also welcome to use local suppliers to gather the elements of your hamper so that you aren't handling the food per se. It might take some trial and error to find the right method and/or suppliers that work for you and your clients. However, in our 5+ years experience, our catered picnics sell more often than self catered picnics.
  • Do I need a license to provide alcoholic beverages?
    It is best to look up the liquor licensing laws within your state. In Queensland, our business qualifies for an exemption as any business providing alcohol as part of a hamper can include no more than 2L of alcohol or 1L of spirits as long as the alcohol doesn't exceed more than 75% of the hamper purchase price. The hamper can also only be sold to people over the age of 18, must be given as a gift and cannot be consumed on the premises from which it was purchased.
  • I'm worried that my local area isn't big enough to support the business
    The great thing about Australia is that we have such a high tourism draw card, which generally means new people passing through looking for unique things to do in the area. Australia is also filled with stunning locations that are perfect for a picnic.
  • What if there's already a Vintage Picnic business partner in my area?
    When a new business partner signs up, we create their listings with their preferred picnic locations. So when a new potential business partner contacts us, we can ensure there's no overlap on those locations. In saying that, there can be some benefits to having another Vintage Picnic business partner close by. They can step in if you're struggling to keep up with demand, they can help if you're unwell or away on holiday and you can also share local suppliers to help negotiate better rates. However, we wouldn't bring on a new business partner and they wouldn't want to join if the overlap was too great or there was a threat to an existing business partner. So if you have some great locations in mind, it's best to get in first before someone else snaps them up!

Our most common questions asked by potential
Vintage Picnic Business Partners...

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